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The future of connectivity is wireless and, at SCTE, we’re helping you envision that future. Give yourself and your team the knowledge and expertise necessary to deploy wireless networks and stay ahead of the demands of your residential and business customers. Explore our many wireless and mobility training courses and certifications and register today!

Understanding Wireless Training Course

  • Gain an awareness of wireless and Wi-Fi networks in homes and small businesses.
  • Learn to describe the radio frequency (RF) signals and standards used in wireless and Wi-Fi networks, along with installations and mechanisms for managing the home network.
  • Be able to identify the key devices for home security and lifestyle networks will identified.

Broadband Wireless Specialist Training Course and Certification

(Also available in Spanish)

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of wireless networks in homes and small businesses.
  • Learn about wireless, Wi-Fi standards, Wi-Fi network devices, planning and implementation; security, RF basics, antenna theory, installation and Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

Mobility Essentials Training Course

  • Learn the characteristics of mobile networks from a business and technical perspective.
  • Be able to compare the features and architectures of 4G, LTE, and 5G mobile networks.
  • Learn how technologies such as small cells, macro cells, mobile backhaul, and mobile front haul are critical in a modern wireless network.
  • Explore how wireless is deployed in the last mile, along with fixed mobile environments.


Sharpen your wireless knowledge with these short, focused learning segments — available only for SCTE members upon sign in:

  • Wi-Fi Standards (MicroLearning)
  • MDU Wi-Fi Installation (LightningMod)
  • Speedtest (Primer)
  • Wi-Fi AP Placement (MicroLearning)
  • Wi-Fi Measurements (LightningMod)

These courses and certifications are also available as onsite or virtual boot camps.


Prove Your Wireless Expertise With SCTE® Partner Certifications.

SCTE certification is the industry's premier professional endorsement—a proven foundation of knowledge, in-depth testing, and ongoing professional development. These SCTE courses and certifications prepare you for the below partner certifications.

  • The Advanced Wireless – Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA®)
    This course provides advanced knowledge of RF behavior, modulation, signal
    loss, operating channels and describes the features and functions of wireless local area network (WLAN) components. Learn More
  • CCNA2v7: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials (SRWE)
    This is the second of three courses that are used to prepare cable professionals for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam. This course also prepares individuals for the SCTE Internet Protocol Engineering Professional (IPEP) Industry certification. Learn More

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Our Emmy® Award-Winning Program is Setting the Standards for the Cable Industry.

The SCTE Standards program is the only ANSI-accredited platform for developing technical specifications supporting cable telecommunications. Download these wireless standards and best practices now:

ANSI/SCTE 48-3 2018
Test Procedure for Measuring Shielding Effectiveness of Braided Coaxial Drop Cable Using the GTEM Cell

SCTE 137-1 2017 (R2021)
Modular Headend Architecture Part 1: DOCSIS Timing Interface

SCTE 221 2020
Field Strength & Calculation of LTE User Equipment Field Strength

ANSI/SCTE 249 2018
Test Method Common Mode Disturbance

SCTE 255 2019
Operational Practice for Home Wi-Fi Deployment


The Learning and Deployment Partner No Company Should Do Without.

Together, SCTE, CableLabs and Kyrio are shaping the future of connectivity.

Our innovative partnership ensures the industry not only meets the current pace of change but is positioned to accelerate it. Our collaboration to develop and expand the availability of industry-leading wireless training and certification programs will help companies streamline the project lifecycle from ideation to deployment.

Our seamless ecosystem of innovation awaits—learn more about these Kyrio wireless testing services: