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Energy 20/20: Powering Cable's Success

Energy 20/20 aims to provide cable broadband system operators with energy management standards, technology innovation, organizational solutions and training that look to help advance the cable industry.

Join the Industry Effort to Improve Energy Management in the Broadband Industry


Program Mission

To help ensure cable broadband providers achieve or exceed their environmental goals in an efficient and effective way by creating standards and sharing successful operational practices impacting sustainability efforts and energy management.

Success Story Highlights

Major Milestones of the Energy 20/20 Program

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Standards for Today. Vision for Tomorrow.

Now that we’ve met our initial goals, SCTE is continuing to lead the way toward sustainability excellence in power reliability, availability, and performance.

There’s more work to be done.

We’re setting bigger objectives, developing better practices, and sharing best of breed training to ensure our vision of responsible and dependable energy management is realized – and maintained – always with cable subscribers in mind.

Journal of Energy Management Highlights

By addressing a wide variety of topic areas each quarter, we’ll be able more quickly to deliver ideation that will make our industry better. Please enjoy the review of the journal highlights and consider submitting an idea for a future release to :

Energy 20/20 Initiatives

Leveraging the input of U.S. and international operators, SCTE has identified initiatives across five categories: Facilities, Plant, Operations, Technology, and Marketing/Regulatory. Join the SCTE Standards Program where members work together to take each initiative from concept through completion. 

Energy 20/20 Focus Areas

Cable Operator Power Consumption Pyramid

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Outside Plant and Critical Facilities Represent the Greatest Opportunity for Energy Cost Avoidance

According to SCTE energy usage analysis of a cross section from major operators, between 66% and 81% of cable’s overall energy consumption is by hubs and headends, as well as the access network power supplies powering the active equipment on the HFC network. Industry collaboration and innovation are needed to drive efficiency in these areas.

Download Energy-Specific Standards and Best Practices

The SCTE Standards Program is responsible for standards and operational practices to improve the application of environmentally friendly and sustainable procedures and products, to create solutions that lower overall costs and increase overall performance. These documents are consensus-developed and the SCTE Engineering Committee approves SCTE standards. Many of these standards have also been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and are so designated.

Join the Program and Support Energy 20/20

Join the SCTE Standards Program. For more information on how you can participate or partner with SCTE Energy Management, please contact Derek DiGiacomo, Senior Director, Energy Management Programs and Business Continuity at

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Derek DiGiacomo

Senior Director, Energy Management Programs and Business Continuity

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