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SCTE Membership Types

SCTE offers membership options for both individuals and organizations within the cable telecommunications industry. To find out more about Membership Type/Rates, click on the button below. SCTE memberships renew on an anniversary cycle. This means that anyone who joins will be up for renewal the same month in the following year.

All employees of a CableLabs member company are eligible for a complimentary SCTE All-Access Membership which includes SCTE courses and a full conference TechExpo registration.

SCTE membership options include: Executive, Professional, Lifetime, In-Transition, Retired, Disabled, Student and Emeritus memberships.

For a full listing of benefits for SCTE members, click on the button below.

SCTE TechExpo

The premier engineering show of the year provides you with technical workshops, hands-on technology, focused exhibits and key networking events, technical white papers and presentations designed to build your experience and advance your career. These are timely and immediately applicable programs on the latest technologies and issues affecting the industry.

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    MicroLessons are short, focused learning segments made available only to our members. Our learner centric, just-in-time training is available on multiple devices, easily accessible and meant for you to be able to apply to your job immediately.

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    SCTE MemberConnect

    Connect with your peers today. The following are just some of the ways you can connect and learn from other cable industry professionals. Many of the resources below require a SCTE membership. If you do not have an active SCTE membership and would like to participate click here to join as a new member or log in to your record to renew an expired membership.

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    SCTE Awards and Recognitions

    SCTE recognizes and honors excellence in the industry through annual awards programs that showcase the accomplishments and contributions of SCTE members. Nominate a member today!


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Membership Benefits and Resources

Maximize the value of your SCTE Membership. Our entire list of membership benefits are described along with quick links to the activity. In addition, quick links to SCTE Resources provide easy access to Cable Information.

SCTE MemberConnect

These resources allow you to connect with other members or with companies in cable industry.


SCTE's Career Planning Portal containing job postings in the Cable Industry.

SCTE Events Calendar

With thousands of hours of onsite training per year, we make it easy for you to expand your skills and learn the latest technologies. Check out the Events Calendar to see what technical training is being offered by our local SCTE chapters!

Presented during SCTE TechExpo

SCTE Awards and Recognitions

SCTE recognizes and honors excellence in the industry through annual awards and recognition programs that showcase the accomplishments and contributions of SCTE members to the cable industry.

Presented during the SCTE Chapter Leadership Conference

SCTE Chapter Awards

Honoring excellence in local leadership, the SCTE Chapter awards program enables members to acknowledge and recognize excellence among the chapters, meeting groups, and local leaders who contribute substantially to the cable industry.

CableLabs All Access Benefits at SCTE

Did you know that you may have access to education and programs to enhance your career? If your company is a member of CableLabs, benefits from SCTE are included in your CableLabs membership:

  • Cutting-edge courses that enable you to own and enhance your career
  • Opportunities to influence the future of the industry and
  • Discounts on professional certifications to demonstrate expertise

SCTE Publications

Be in-the-know. Enjoy informative, members-only print and electronic publications from SCTE about Society programs and industry news.

Cable Knowledge Resource Collection

Every year, TechExpo—the industry’s largest and most innovative event—takes learning to the next level. The Cable Knowledge Resource Collection provides access to more than 1000 papers presented at TechExpo workshops from as far back as 2000! Use this search to access TechExpo papers and other Industry White papers.

SCTE® LiveLearning Webinars™

There’s a webinar for almost everything. As a member, you'll have access to live and recorded webinars on the latest technologies that can be viewed by topic—and we're adding more all the time. In addition to our monthly LiveLearning Webinars™ we also offer our Technology Series on hot industry topics and exclusive leadership webinars for our Executive members.


Volunteer at SCTE

We’re always looking for innovative perspectives from the industry’s thought leaders. And, when you volunteer to share your expertise—at a local chapter, for a speaking opportunity or by submitting a paper—you get the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and hone your leadership skills.

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