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Becoming an SCTE member isn’t a one-time event. It’s only the first step in an always-on movement. To relentlessly pursue knowledge and career advancement. To keep up with our continuously updated content. To network with the cable telecommunications industry’s most innovative thinkers. You work in an industry that is constantly evolving. It’s time to join the evolution.

Maximize the value of your SCTE Membership. Scroll down to see our entire list of membership benefits and resources with quick links to the activity and easy access to cable information.

Exclusive for employees of CableLabs Member Companies

CableLabs All Access Benefits at SCTE

CableLabs members receive most SCTE benefits free of charge via the All-Access Seat program. This program includes free of charge SCTE memberships, free of charge online training and free of charge Standards participation for any CableLabs member company employee. To get started, sign up for a free SCTE membership today!


Quick links to SCTE Member Resources provide easy access to cable information.

Access TechExpo Papers in the

Cable Knowledge Resource Collection

Every year, TechExpo—the industry’s largest and most innovative event—takes learning to the next level. As a member of SCTE, you’ll have access to more than 1000 papers presented at TechExpo workshops from as far back as 2000!

SCTE MemberConnect

These resources allow you to connect with other members or with companies in cable industry. This includes: the SCTE Member Directory, SCTE SupplierConnect, SCTE Chapters, the Broadband Engineering Forum (previously known as SCTE List) and more.

SCTE Chapters

Your local SCTE chapter provides training, professional development and SCTE certification testing opportunities to members in over 60 locations across the globe. Last year, we trained members on topics such as FTTP, FTTx, DOCSIS® 3.1 and more!

SCTE Events Calendar

With thousands of hours of onsite training per year, we make it fun and affordable for you to expand your skills and learn the latest technologies while networking with your colleagues. Check out the Events Calendar to see what technical training and Vendor Days are being offered by our local SCTE chapters!

SCTE Publications

Be in-the-know. Enjoy informative publications for cable professionals about Society programs and industry news including SCTE Interval, SCTE SmartBrief and the Broadband Library. In our Broadband Library, you’ll find insights you simply won’t find anywhere else. Distinguished business leaders, engineers, and SCTE representatives share their personal views on the current and future state of broadband and its technology—it’s can’t miss content!

Cable Industry Publications

Enjoy complimentary publications and discounted print and electronic publications for cable professionals.

Job Aids and Mobile Apps

On the job tools such as technical calculators and estimators that help members succeed every day.

Pocket Guides

SCTE partners with leading cable companies to create pocket guides which are handy references loaded with practical information on the latest cable telecommunications topics and are free electronically as PDF downloads for SCTE members.

Coming Soon!

Cable Glossary and Search Engine

Our Cable Glossary and Search Engine are easy ways for members to access definitions, specifications and information on all cable topics—from general principles to the most advanced new technology. Just another way our members can tap into cable knowledge.


SCTE's Career Planning Portal containing job postings in the Cable Industry.

SCTE Awards and Recognitions

SCTE recognizes and honors excellence in the industry through annual awards and recognition programs that showcase the accomplishments and contributions of SCTE members to the cable industry.

Presented during the Chapter Leadership Conference

Chapter Awards

Honoring excellence in local leadership, the SCTE Chapter awards program enables members to acknowledge and recognize excellence among the chapters, meeting groups, and local leaders who contribute substantially to the cable industry.


SCTE provides members with over 300 complimentary training opportunities each year.



MicroLessons are short, focused learning segments that are complimentary part of your SCTE membership. MicroLessons focus on Fiber Deep, EPON, DOCSIS 3.1 and R-PHY. Plus, new content will be added soon. But you have to be an SCTE member to take advantage of this valuable learning resource!

SCTE® LiveLearning Webinars™

There’s a webinar for almost everything. As a member, you'll have access to live and recorded webinars on the latest technologies that can be viewed by topic—and we're adding more all the time. In addition to our monthly LiveLearning Webinars™ we also offer our Technology Series on hot industry topics and exclusive leadership webinars for our Executive members.

Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a SCTE created a series of explanations of basic cable telecommunications technology and terms using simple definitions and graphics.

SCTE Tech Tips & Facts

SCTE Tech Tips & Facts are just the quick, relevant bits of advice you’re looking for when you want to learn more about a specific technical issue or you just need a refresher on a basic engineering principle. But they’re only for members, so join today!

SCTE Technical Journals

Learn from technology experts. Read SCTE Technical Journals focusing on Network Operations, Energy Management, and Digital Video developed from key topics covered by the SCTE Standards Program.

The Digital Knowledge Handbook (DigiPoints)

The Digital Knowledge Handbook (DigiPoints) is a technical training tutorial designed to familiarize cable telecommunications professionals with digital data technology. By explaining a wealth of terminology and specific principles, this SCTE resource eases the reader’s transition into the world of digital implementation.


SCTE leads the globe in cable telecommunications education for new and seasoned professionals. SCTE discounts our state-of-the-art training for our members.

SCTE Online Training

Access the industry’s very best online training, designed to equip you for the job at hand and be marketable for the job to come. Now powered by CORTEX VirtuLearn™. SCTE Training helps to develop your expertise and advance your career.

Catálogo de cursos SCTE en Español

Acceda a la mejor capacitación en línea de la industria, diseñado para entrenarlo en el trabajo que realiza y estar disponible para los futuros empleos. Ahora impulsado por CORTEX VirtuLearn™, SCTE lidera el mundo en educación de las telecomunicaciones por cable, tanto para profesionales nuevos como para los experimentados. El “Entrenamiento de la SCTE – SCTE Training”, ayuda a desarrollar su experiencia y avanzar en su carrera.

SCTE Certifications

SCTE certification is the cable industry’s premier endorsement for professionals. Prove your cable Gain recognition for your skills. Promote your expertise. Advance your career. Get certified today.

SCTE Boot Camps

All SCTE online courses are also available for an instructor-led onsite Boot Camp. DOCSIS® 3.1, Broadband Fiber Installation (BFI), Wireless, and more! Bring any course to your location for a 2-day session.


SCTE TechExpo

SCTE TechExpo serves the industry as the preeminent venue for thought leadership, engineering innovation and deal-making within the broadband telecommunications sector. Contribute by submitting papers for speaker consideration at Fall Technical Forum. Attend the Fall Technical Forum. Tour the expansive Show Floor and take part in demonstrations and discussions at Innovation Theater.


SCTE - Tuck Executive Leadership Program at Dartmouth

This program ensures that current and future cable technology and operations executives have the business and leadership skills they need to create and execute strategies that impact their organizations.

SCTE- Georgia Tech Management Development Program

This program provides the foundation for high-potential individuals to grow into management positions related to technical and operational aspects of the cable telecommunications industry.

SCTE - Cornell Agile Leadership Program

This program will give you the mindset and tools you need to empower teams for rapid innovation, iteration, and learning as your organization strives for continuous improvement. Content addresses both the technical and the human side of change management. This program is designed for current and near-future people leaders with a desire to implement best practices for rapid innovation and high team engagement.


Volunteering at SCTE

We’re always looking for innovative perspectives from the industry’s thought leaders. And, when you volunteer to share your expertise—at a local chapter, for a speaking opportunity or by submitting a paper—you get the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and hone your leadership skills.

SCTE Foundation

The SCTE Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge by funding the technical and business education of industry professionals to further fuel the growth and strength of our industry as a whole. The SCTE Foundation is a vital resource dedicated to providing educational grants across all professional levels designed to help our industry stay ahead of a rapidly changing landscape. You can share in the Foundation’s mission; a mission we all benefit from; a mission that requires financial support and a commitment to better ourselves and our industry.

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