Online Course

Critical Facilities: Greener Facilities


The greener facility course highlights the many ways that an operator can run a greener facility. Where the facility is placed inside the network has a big impact on its carbon footprints. The materials used to construct the facility also play a role on carbon dioxide production. The biggest improvement in carbon footprint an operator can do for the facility is make the power consumption more efficient. The use of renewable energy sources and more efficient HVAC systems are ways an operator can take to achieve the goal of a greener facility.

Included in the Course

  • Engaging and Interactive LightningMod™ to prepare learner for training 
  • In-depth interactive eBook modules 
  • Course final exam
  • Fun VirtuGame® to improve absorption and retention of competencies 

Requirements for Successful Course Completion

  • Completion of Final exam with a passing grade of 70%
  • Completion of SCTE course feedback form

Subject Areas

  • Greener facility
  • greener HVAC
  • greener powering
  • greener wiring
  • greener design & building
  • measuring green facilities

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals that will be auditing or working in the critical facility such as headend and hub sites or individual task with managing critical facilities

Recommended Prerequisites

SCTE Broadband TelecomCenter Specialist

Upon Successful Completion

  • SCTE Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 recertification unit (RU) toward SCTE certification renewal