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Broadband Transport Specialist (BTS) - ONLINE EXAM

NOTE: The BTS certification is expiring on June 8, 2024. New leaners should take Broadband Fiber Transport Specialist (BFTS) certification exam.

The SCTE Broadband Transport Specialist Certification describes the knowledge in the transport of optical signals, including aspects of the cable fiber network from the headend to the hub and from the hub to the node. Specifics include:

  • Fundamentals of Optics—lightwave theory;
  • Transport Systems—SONET, WDM, CWDM and DWDM;
  • Test and Maintenance of Transport Systems—impairments, tests, measurements, restoration and performance metrics;
  • Optical Equipment—transmitters, light sources, receivers, detectors, splicing and connectorization;
  • Construction—practices, considerations and safety.

Also available in Spanish: Especialista en Transporte de Banda Ancha

BTS Certification Study Resource

Focus on the topics in the exam curriculum that you need to study the most. You may rely upon local technical sessions and certification study groups at SCTE chapters to build your knowledge. In addition, national SCTE onsite and online training courses, vendor training, books and archived webinars as well as education at SCTE events, on-the-job training, publications and other technical resources may help prepare candidates for certification.

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