SCTE 286 2023

Operational Practices for Gaining Access to Incident Areas

Executive Summary

Natural and human-made hazards challenge even the most robust continuity plans. Safety, security, and communications are paramount to ensuring a timely restoration of critical infrastructure such as broadband networks and utility power. Coordination of personnel into and out of the impacted area is heavily dependent on a solid communications plan and an underlying infrastructure to support the plan. This operational practice outlines important techniques that can be leveraged to ensure safe passage into and out of the affected areas where technicians will transverse. The Communications sector is one of the seven FEMA designated community lifeline sectors for the United States.


This operational practice contains recommendations for working with local authorities such as police, departments of public works, National Guard and other governmental agencies to obtain safe and authorized passage into and out of disaster zones. Content includes the following items (in addition to supplemental material supporting this list):

  1. Sample company letters
  2. Purpose of company need to obtain access
  3. Typical equipment needed in a disaster zone such as identification clothing