ANSI/SCTE 282 2023

Implementing Inside Plant Network Platform Hot Standby Powering

Executive Summary

Hot standby is the practice of reducing the locations of transformation of electricity from multiple power supplies to a single, or group of power supplies, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing energy lost to transformation at multiple points. This standard defines how an operator can effectively leverage hot standby to reduce energy consumption. Also in this standard, the parameters for equipment manufacturers are defined.


This standard defines the implementation of hot standby power supply unit (PSU) deployments of equipment contained inside operator critical facilities to optimize energy usage as opposed to using dual-redundant platform powering. This standard covers any active device (server, switch, router, laser chassis, etc.) which requires electricity to operate via installed PSUs and can be operated in a hot standby configuration. It also includes alerting, alarming, settings, and controls for hot standby enabled platforms.

Intended Audience

  • Cable operator critical facility, deployment, and procurement teams
  • Platform and power supply manufacturers