ANSI/SCTE 250 2022

Real-time Event Signaling and Management API

Executive Summary

This standard defines the Real-time Event Signaling and Management (ESAM) API, an interface that allows a Signal Acquisition System (e.g. encoder, transcoder, packager, stream switcher, etc.) to submit signals to a Signal Decision System and receive relevant instructions for processing the signal or associated content. Furthermore, the Signal Decision System has the ability to initiate a set of instructions based on a schedule or event that is not signaled in the content.


This document details the interfaces between a Signal Acquisition System (SAS) and a Signal Decision System (SDS) in order to support signal and manifest processing. The APIs support synchronous signal processing, asynchronous signal processing, and processing of both linear and file-based content.


This standard will allow various SAS and SDS to interoperate regardless of their function or supplier.

Intended Audience

Multi-Channel Video Program Distributors and their suppliers of transcoders, packagers and decision services.

Supporting Documentation