ANSI/SCTE 243-1 2017

Next Generation Audio Carriage Constraints for Cable Systems: Part 1 – Common Transport Signaling

This standard is part of a suite documenting carriage constraints of Next Generation Audio (NGA) codecs in MPEG-2 transport systems and in MPEG DASH. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the specific audio technologies described in subsequent Parts of this standard.

The common descriptors necessary to signal NGA in MPEG-2 transport systems are defined in ISO/IEC 13818‑1 [2] and ETSI EN 300 468 [3], and their usage is described in this Part of the standard. Additional codec specific descriptors are defined in subsequent Parts (which defines codec specific carriage constraints).

Multiplexing and transport for cable using MPEG-2 transport systems are defined in SCTE 54 [5]. Coding constraints for NGA elementary streams are defined in SCTE 242-1 2017 [6] (which provides a general description of NGA systems) and subsequent Parts of the standard (which define codec specific coding constraints).