ANSI/SCTE 23-2 2017 (R2022)

DOCSIS 1.1 Part 2: Baseline Privacy Plus Interface

The intent of this BPI+ specification is to describe MAC layer security services for DOCSIS® CMTS

- CM communications. BPI+ security goals are twofold:

  • provide cable modem users with data privacy across the cable network
  • provide MSOs with service protection; i.e., prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the network’s RF MAC services

BPI+ provides a level of data privacy across the shared medium cable network equal to or better than that provided by dedicated line network access services (analog modems or digital subscriber lines).

The protected RF MAC data communications services fall into three categories:

  • best-effort, high-speed, IP data services
  • QoS (e.g., constant bit rate) data services
  • IP multicast group services