SCTE 184 2022

SCTE Energy Management Operational Practices for Cable Facilities

Executive Summary

This document provides guidelines for management of critical hub site facilities supporting the cable industry. SCTE 184 focuses on information, methods, and references furthering SCTE Energy 20/20 Standards and Operational Practices to help balance operational energy efficiency and management with essential business availability requirements.


SCTE 184 serves as a broad reference document and a guide to other SCTE Energy 20/20 documents that help address overall energy efficiency for cable operator critical space. This operational practice does not purport to address all safety issues or applicable regulatory requirements associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this operational practice to review any existing codes and other regulations recognized by the national, regional, local and/or other recognized authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) in conjunction with the facility location. Where differences occur, those items listed within the codes or regulations of the AHJ supersede any requirement or recommendation of this operational practice.

Intended Audience

The intended audience includes facility architects, facility design engineers, facility managers and operators.