ANSI/SCTE 165-19 2019

IPCablecom 1.5 Part 19: CMS Subscriber Provisioning Specification

IPCablecom 1.5 service provisioning can be viewed as two distinct operations: Multimedia Terminal Adapter (MTA) provisioning and Call Management Server (CMS) subscriber provisioning. MTA initialization and provisioning is outlined in the IPCablecom MTA Device Provisioning Specification. This document defines the interface used between the CMS and Provisioning Server for the exchange of service provisioning information. It is intended to facilitate interoperability of conforming hardware and software from multiple vendors.

The interface employs a Web Service model. Specified in Web Service Description Language (WSDL 1.1), the interface transports XML encoded objects within SOAP 1.1 encoded messages over an HTTP 1.1 transport. This interface is secured via IPSec.

The data model transported upon this interface is specifically designed to be extensible, allowing incorporation of as yet undefined IPCablecom features and specific vendor extensions.