ANSI/SCTE 125 2020

Hard Line Pin Connector Return Loss

Executive Summary

This test procedure applies as a method to measure the return loss of Hard Line Pin connectors.


This document describes a procedure to measure the Return Loss characteristics of a single Hard Line Pin Connector interfaced between hard line cable and a precision airline. It implements the time domain-gating features of the network analyzers, which removes the interfaces, and far end termination from the DUT (device under test) measurement.


This test procedure provides a common method that can be used by both manufacturers and end users to test whether Hard Line Pin connector models meet return loss specifications. Without such a common test procedure, the testing used to prove Hard Line Pin connector return loss performance can vary and lead to uncertainty as to whether the connector return loss specifications are being met.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this test procedure are manufacturers, evaluation laboratories, and end user technician and engineers with the proper equipment to perform this testing.