SCTE Recognition

SCTE recognizes and honors excellence in the industry through annual awards programs that showcase the accomplishments and contributions of SCTE members.

Charter Member

Members who initiated the Society in 1969.

Circle Of Eagles

Valuable leaders of the Society, including Hall of Fame members, Charter Members, Fellow Members, Past Presidents and Chairmen of the Board.

Emeritus Member

Members who have reached 40 years of continuous membership.

Fellow Members

Esteemed members of the Society who have sustained a remarkable level of contribution to the Society and industry for more than 12 years.

SCTE Hall Of Fame

Members who, over the course of time, have made extraordinary contributions to the professional development, ideals and goals of the Society and the cable telecommunications industry.

Past Presidents

Those who've served at the highest level as chairs and presidents of the SCTE Board of Directors and left an indelible mark in the legacy of the Society with their own unique styles and leadership.

Senior Members

Professionals who have exhibited a high level of competence and professionalism in their career while actively participating in the Society.