Past Presidents

SCTE•ISBE Board of Directors Past Chairs and Presidents

Those who've served at the highest level as chairs and presidents of the SCTE Board of Directors and left an indelible mark in the legacy of the Society with their own unique styles and leadership.

2015-2017 Tony Werner
2013-2015 Terry Cordova
2011-2013 Mike LaJoie
2009-2011 Bob Foote
2007-2009 Thomas Gorman
2005-2007 Yvette Gordon-Kanouff
2003-2005 Wayne Hall
2001-2003 Keith Hayes, BCE, BCT
1999-2001 Jim Kuhns, BCE
1998-1999 Hugh McCarley
1997-1998 Steven Johnson, BCE
1995-1997 John Vartanian, BCE
1993-1995 Thomas Elliot
1992-1993 Ronald Hranac
1990-1992 Wendell Woody
1989-1990 Jack Trower
1989-1989 Ronald Hranac
1986-1988 Robert Luff
1985-1986 Thomas Polis
1984-1985 James Emerson
1981-1984 Thomas Polis
1980-1981 Lawrence Dolan
1979-1980 Harold Null
1973-1979 Robert Bilodeau
1971-1973 William Karnes
1969-1971 Ronald Cotten