Chapter Cable-Tec Games Materials

Cable-Tec Games is a fun, learning opportunity. Below are a few helpful tools for conducting your own Chapter Cable-Tec Games.


2024 Cable-Tec Games Handbook

The Cable-Tec Games Handbook has everything you need to know about conducting Cable-Tec Games.

Chapter Cable-Tec Games Materials

Score Sheet (.xls) – An electronic score sheet able to tabulate all events and provide overall and individual event winners. Submit this scoresheet to Headquarters for matrix credit and International Games consideration.

Liability Waiver (.doc) – All competitors should complete a Liability Waiver (also available in the handbook). 

Medals Order Form (.pdf) - Medals are provided by SCTE, but the chapter must pay for engraving (also available in the handbook). 

Sample Certificate – The Greater Chicago Chapter hands out certificates to its Cable-Tec Games participants. 

Suggested Event Order - Sample schedule with order of events for each team.

SCTE Cable Jeopardy Order Form - Kindly complete this form to request the SCTE Cable Jeopardy. You must submit the form at least 30 days prior to the event and you must ship it within 48hrs after your event so that other chapters can run Cable Jeopardy. Volunteers must keep questions and answers confidential and return all items found within the box. If you have any questions about the form or cable jeopardy, contact

Cable Jeopardy Order Form - NCTI Version Cable Jeopardy needs to be ordered separately. (This form is also available in the handbook.)

Score Sheets for Individual Events - Score sheets for each of the Cable-Tec Games. These are also available in the Cable-Tec Games Handbook.

Local Winner Info Sheet – Ask the winner of your chapter’s Games to complete and return this info sheet to headquarters.

Logo - Download the official Cable-Tec Games logo to use for your chapter's event. The chapter name can be added below the logo, if desired.