Data Standards Subcommittee (DSS)

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David Fellows

Subcommittee Chair


The Data Standards Subcommittee (DSS) develops standards for the delivery of digital service for supporting high-speed data, video, VoIP, and other services over cable networks.

DSS is developing a long list of standards related to the transmission, test methods, and monitoring of data communications over broadband networks. 

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Working Groups

1 - Internet of Things (IoT)

The SCTE IoT Working Group’s charter is to focus on making standards and operational practices deployable and manageable for service providers, to facilitate communication between service providers and industry partners to standardize new IoT based services, and to identify and adapt use cases available in the IoT community to service provider’s business objectives.  

Smart Cities Drafting Group

The Smart Cities group reviews, creates and conveys best practices around the design and deployment of smart city solutions leveraging cable infrastructure, personnel, and process. It seeks to educate others in these best practices; providing a means for them to identify smart city opportunities, leverage their architectures in their delivery, and optimize their opportunity for success.

2 - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) working group creates standards and operational practices to enable a common AI/ML platform to develop products applicable to cable operators. It educates cable operators on AI/ML powered use cases to enrich current offerings and shares AI/ML project status between Standards company members.

3/4 - Aging in Place/Telemedicine Working Group

Aging in Place/Telemedicine Working Group