SCTE Webinars

Streamlining RFoG and OBI Mitigation To Improve Customer Ex

June 20, 2017

Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) is a cost-effective way to convert a HFC network to support RF video over a Fiber to the Home or Premises (FTTH/FTTP) network. This conversion allows for improved reliability, lower maintenance costs and significantly increased performance, all while utilizing existing headend equipment and back office systems. Optical beat interference(OBI) is an artifact of RFoG that creates disruption of voice and data services especially as higher-bandwidth broadband is deployed and multiple upstream optical transmissions are introduced.

During this webinar we will:
-          Illustrate how RFoG is utilized to extend the life of an expensive operator infrastructure
-          Explain the causes of OBI and the effect it has on customer experience
-          Recognize the current OBI mitigation techniques being deployed
-         Understand how mitigating OBI leads to a superior customer experience

Speaker: Joerick Santiago

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