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Executive Webinar: Innovative Meetings (That You Don't Hate)

May 25, 2022

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Meetings are where many people spend much of their time; dozens of hours every week. But are all these hours a source of innovation, energy, and engagement – or not? What if, with some small tweaks and new techniques, your meetings were significantly better? What if they produced twice as many valuable solutions in half the time? What if you truly heard from all voices? What if they connected the right people? What if you felt fully charged rather than drained by them? In this hands-on learning session, we’ll cover a few easy-to-use, modern meeting techniques that you can put into practice the next day. The fun but practical plug-and-play tools and tips will energize you as you connect with your peers.

About the Speaker

Lee Gimpel is the founder of Better Meetings in Washington, DC. The firm helps organizations turn meetings from boring and unproductive to engaging and effective, be they staff meetings, innovation sessions, board meetings, retreats, or annual conferences. His work blends meeting facilitation, audience engagement, collaborative innovation, and human-centered design. Previously, he worked in the training/knowledgebase department at Capital One and began his career as a product manager with a leading mobile software company. He holds a degree from the Robins School of Business with concentrations in international business and marketing. As a meetings expert, he is widely quoted in the media, including in USA Today, HuffPost, Convene, Prevue Meetings & Incentives, Association Conventions & Facilities, and MeetingsNet. He writes a regular column for Forbes where he is their expert on meetings and facilitation.