SCTE Webinars

CBRS and Private Wireless Networks

February 4, 2020

CBRS and Private Wireless Networks Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) offers a huge opportunity for enterprise to leverage 3.5GHz spectrum and build private wireless networks. The new service will enable the allocation of spectrum to CBSDs (Citizens Broadband Service Devices - small cells) while at the same time protecting other higher priority incumbents, such as satellite ground stations and military radar, from interference. Amdocs in one of the few Spectrum Access System (SAS) providers certified by the FCC. Amdocs offers complete end-to-end solution including SAS, EPC and eSIM in addition to global network design and deployment expertise and managed services. Packet Core is a key part of this solution. We are very pleased to have Facebook discuss Magma Mobile Packet Core software platform in this webinar. Magma is an open-source software platform that enables bringing more people online by enabling network operators with open, flexible and extensible network solutions. This is a highly innovative software platform that allows network operators to easily extend mobile network coverage and add capacity for faster Internet to many unconnected and under-connected parts of the world. It comprises a mobile packet core, in addition to network automation and management tools. The platform's distributed architecture allows it to scale in and out easily to meet dynamic user demands and lets operators to gradually expand their networks, without disrupting existing operations or large capital expenditure. 

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Shah Rahman Product Lead at Facebook Connectivity
Ed Duignan Product Manager at Amdocs