Learner Spotlight


January 2024

Sam Acoff

Where do you currently work, what is your role, and how long have you been in the industry?
Comcast Cable Greater Detroit Market, Headend Engineering Manager, 18 years in the industry.

How did you first become involved in SCTE training?
I became a member in 2012, participated in a few Cable Games competitions and attended multiple training sessions locally. In 2015, I wanted to become more involved and give back development to the cable community, so I showed interest in our local board election to successfully obtain a seat. Through 2016 board member service to current, I have strived to mentor those around me for technical exposure and leadership guidance.

How has the SCTE training helped you in your job and career?
As began to obtain certifications in 2012, those paths of learning proved to enhance my understanding of cable technology where my individual value was noticed in my daily performance. The additional tools I have acquired are definitely contributing factors to my growth as I progressed within the Comcast organization. My experiences have given me the confidence to display solutions for communication challenges and the opportunity to be familiar with emerging technologies prior to deployment.