Learner Spotlight


Bob Grant

March 2024

Where do you currently work, what is your role, and how long have you been in the industry?
Currently I am employed by One Communications in Bermuda, One Communications is a division of ATNi out of Beverly Massachusetts. My current role is Director, Outside Plant, Service and Installs, Maintenance, Construction and the Warehouse all currently report to me. I have 4 direct reports and 29 indirect reports. I first became involved in the industry in August of 1989 with Rogers Cable in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I left in March of 1991 to try other unsuccessful venues and then returned for good to the Cable industry in May of 1995, working for Cableworks which was purchased by Cogeco Cable, so all told I have just over 30 years in the industry. Within the industry I have worked my way up through the ranks, starting in service, then maintenance, QC inspector, supervisor, manager, back to QC inspections, then planning and project manager before becoming Director.

How did you first become involved in SCTE training?
In 2004, SCTE opened up an Ontario, Canada, Chapter and that is when I first became involved with the SCTE. The Ontario Chapter held the Cable Tech games and I did quite well at it. In 2012 I presented at one of the SCTE local chapter seminars, in 2014 I set the local chapter record for Cable Jeopardy, in 2018 I went to Atlanta for the international cable tech games. After a restructuring at Cogeco in 2016 I found myself temporarily out of work. Steve Harris reached out to me through LinkedIn and asked if I would be interested in doing some SCTE training in California. I took the BPI course and then I started teaching it for a month in California, I also became an SCTE proctor which I still maintain today. I also did some work for Pam Nobles, reviewing and updating some of the courses and also Jeopardy from the games. In 2019 the SCTE asked if I would be interested in a 2 week training session in Bermuda teaching the BPI course and that was when I decided that working in Bermuda might be a viable opportunity and I ended up being hired here in January of 2022.

How has the SCTE training helped you in your job and career?
The SCTE has helped me tremendously in my job and in my career. The training that it offers is exceptionally well, and so is the opportunity to go to the SCTE website and look up all the articles in the library. SCTE training has also helped me to gain confidence and shoot big. Public speaking was always something I shied away from, the SCTE has provided me with the confidence to stand in front of a room of total strangers and discuss cable with my peers and know what I am talking about. On a side note, SCTE also started me on my path to learning Power Point, by no means am I an expert, but when I presented at the seminar in 2012, I taught myself Power Point in order to put together my presentation. Finally, through the SCTE, my network of colleagues has grown very large. I have the confidence to reach out to colleagues and ask questions without the fear of being ridiculed. I have even had the pleasure of reaching out to Ron Hranac and getting a response, this is all through the confidence I have gotten from the SCTE.


Sam Acoff

January 2024

Where do you currently work, what is your role, and how long have you been in the industry?
Comcast Cable Greater Detroit Market, Headend Engineering Manager, 18 years in the industry.

How did you first become involved in SCTE training?
I became a member in 2012, participated in a few Cable Games competitions and attended multiple training sessions locally. In 2015, I wanted to become more involved and give back development to the cable community, so I showed interest in our local board election to successfully obtain a seat. Through 2016 board member service to current, I have strived to mentor those around me for technical exposure and leadership guidance.

How has the SCTE training helped you in your job and career?
As began to obtain certifications in 2012, those paths of learning proved to enhance my understanding of cable technology where my individual value was noticed in my daily performance. The additional tools I have acquired are definitely contributing factors to my growth as I progressed within the Comcast organization. My experiences have given me the confidence to display solutions for communication challenges and the opportunity to be familiar with emerging technologies prior to deployment.

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