Online Course

Cyber Security Essentials - Online Course


The interactive multimedia Cybersecurity Essentials course covers foundational knowledge and essentials skills in all security domains in the cyber world - information security, systems security, network security, mobile security, physical security, ethics and laws, related technologies, defense and mitigation techniques used in protecting businesses.

In addition, the course introduces learners to characteristics of cybercrime, security principles, technologies, and develop security policies that comply with cybersecurity laws. Finally, procedures to implement data confidentiality, integrity, availability and security controls on networks, servers and applications will be taught. The course includes lab activities, and multi-industry case studies


Self-paced interactive Online Course: This course is expected to take 30 hours to complete online as learner’s complete interactive multimedia materials, lab activities, case studies and complete learning quizzes. Additionally, the course has been updated with interactivity, multimedia and instructional format, which leverages the same graphical user interface (GUI) as in the CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum. On average, learners will spend approximately 2 - 3 hours per week over 12 weeks completing course activities. SCTE provides access to the course for 12 weeks from date of purchase.

Instructor-Led Onsite Boot Camp Course: The Cybersecurity Essentials course may be delivered as an onsite boot camp over 2 days.

Online course access information will be emailed when the course is purchased.

Below are some of highlights for what can be found in the course:

  • Interactive content with easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Links to articles, case studies and websites helping the learner explore cybersecurity on their own
  • Over 34 activities, 10 packet tracer activities, 12 labs to reinforce learning
  • Assessments include 8 end of module quizzes and one (1) dynamic final exam
  • Average score of 70%, or greater, on all chapter exams.  Final exam requires 70%.

System Requirements

  • High speed Internet (HSI) connection
  • Updated Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer)
  • HTML5 Support

Required Skills

The successful completion of this course requires the following:

  • Reading Age Level (RAL) of 13
  • Basic computer literacy and awareness of the Internet
  • Prior experience with computer hardware, binary math, and basic electronics

Course Objectives

  • Describe the characteristics of criminals and specialists in the cybersecurity realm.
  • Describe how the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability as they relate to data states and cybersecurity countermeasures.
  • Describe the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals.
  • Describe technologies, products and procedures used to protect confidentiality, ensure integrity and provide high availability.
  • Explain how cybersecurity professionals use technologies, processes and procedures to defend all components of the network.
  • Explain the purpose of laws related to cybersecurity. 

Target Audience

The target audience is anyone who desires a practical introduction to the field of secure networking. This includes field technicians, headend technicians, network operations center (NOC) staff, network engineers, network administrators, and IT help-desk staff.

Recommended Prerequisites

Understanding Cybersecurity