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What's recorded when a participant takes an assessment with Record and Review Proctoring?

Record and Review Proctoring records a participant's webcam video, microphone audio, screen, and web traffic during assessment delivery.

What types of behaviors are monitored?

The system monitors a participant's keystrokes, browser resizing, copy/pasting, new browser tab or window opening, or the enabling of accessibility mode in attempts to circumvent the software. Video is analyzed to detect a participant's eye and head movements and identify when multiple faces are present. Ambient noise levels are analyzed to flag potential unauthorized help from others. Ambient noise levels are monitored throughout the exam to detect any changes that fall outside of white noise and warrant review.

Does a grader/reviewer need to watch entire recordings of each test delivery session?

No. Although full recordings are available for each assessment session, the system applies a "suspicion level score" derived from an algorithm the considers the behaviors and other data points recorded during the assessment session. Additionally, suspicious behaviors and activities are flagged within each session recording and detail report, enabling the reviewer to quickly review for possible transgressions.

Which browsers are supported?

Participants taking assessments and reviewers (administrators who can view schedules and recorded session data) must use Google's Chrome browser or Edge with the Proctorio Chrome extension installed. You should try to install this before the exam test date. If the extension isn't installed, users be redirected to add the Proctorio extension. Installation typically takes about a minute or less.

Can the Chrome and Edge extensions be installed in advance?

Yes. See Edge Extension page and Chrome extension page for instructions.

Can Record and Review Proctoring check a participant's identification before an assessment?

Yes. Record and Review Proctoring can be configured to prompt participants to hold their identification to the webcam prior to beginning the assessment. Once the system captures a photo of the ID, the participant is allowed to commence the assessment. The system will flag assessment results in which the scanned ID may be suspicious and warrants human review.

What are the technical requirements for a participant's device?


What if a participant's device does not meet the technical requirements?

Before a Record and Review Proctoring assessment launches, system diagnostics are performed on a participant's device to ensure compatibility and ensure that the device settings and hardware such as the webcam, microphone, and screen sharing are properly enabled.