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SCTE StandardsThe SCTE standards program is the industry's only ANSI-accredited forum for the development of technical specifications supporting cable telecommunications. Standards work includes: data and telephony over cable; application platform development; digital video; emergency alert systems; network monitoring systems; cables, connectors and amplifiers; construction and maintenance practices; sustainability/energy efficiency, and more.

SCTE Energy StandardsThe SCTE Standards Program is currently developing recommended practices for energy management in the key areas below and has a long-term outlook of advancing energy standards over the next 10 years. Strengthen your company’s grasp on future standards that will affect your business by getting involved early in the process—
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SCTE Energy Standards
To learn more about SCTE Energy Standards and recommended practices, download the SCTE Energy Standards Brochure.

Programming and Advertising Members Wanted
SCTE is currently seeking new members in all membership categories to participate in work in fiber-optics networks, advanced advertising, 3D television, and other important topics. Of particular interest is membership from the content (program and advertising) provider and user communities. Standards membership is open to all directly and materially affected parties as defined in SCTE's membership rules and operating procedures. Join today to participate in the development process or learn more by e-mailing  

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ANSI Public review of SCTE standards
The following SCTE approved standards seeking ANSI approval are currently out for ANSI Public Review:

SCTE 152 2014 - Test Method for Contact Resistance Measurement of Mainline Plug Interface (Public Comment Deadline is 5/12/2014)
SCTE 04 2014 - Test Method for "F" Connector Return Loss (Public Comment Deadline is 5/4/2014) 
SCTE 130-3 2013 - Digital Program Insertion - Advertising Systems Interfaces - Part 3: Ad Management Service (ADM) Interface (Public Comment Deadline is 5/4/2014)

Check Out the Hottest Industry Standards

The top ten standards based on web page downloads, are:

  1. ANSI/SCTE 104 2012 Automation System to Compression System Communications Applications Program Interface (API)
  2. ANSI/SCTE 35 2013 Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message for Cable
  3. ANSI/SCTE 135-2 2013 DOCSIS 3.0 Part 2: MAC and Upper Layer Protocols
  4. ANSI/SCTE 135-4 2013 DOCSIS 3.0 Part 4: Operations Support Systems Interface
  5. ANSI/SCTE 135-3 2013 DOCSIS 3.0 Part 3: Security Services
  6. ANSI/SCTE 135-1 2013 DOCSIS 3.0 Part 1: Physical Layer Specification
  7. ANSI/SCTE 130-3 2010 Digital Program Insertion—Advertising Systems Interfaces Part 3: Ad Management Service (ADM) Interface
  8. ANSI/SCTE 40 2011 Digital Cable Network Interface Standard
  9. ANSI/SCTE 77 2013 Specification for Underground Enclosure Integrity
  10. ANSI/SCTE 28 2012 Host-POD Interface Standard