ANSI/SCTE 278 2022

Standard Data Fields for Outside Plant Power

Executive Summary
One of the largest capital and operational expenditures a Multiple System Operator (MSO) faces is the outside plant power network. This standard will define the baseline information an operator should retain for access network powering.

This SCTE standard defines the attributes of hybrid fiber coax (HFC) outside plant power supply devices an operator should keep inventory of to accurately describe the power network. The data fields defined in this document are designed to capture all relevant unique characteristics of hybrid fiber coax powering devices. These attributes may be utilized to model utility power consumption, utility power versus inverter time, and over all power network performance in the outside plant. This document defines the outside plant from the outside wall of the hubsite (headend) to the distribution line end. This document will reference where, when, and how an operator should acquire the data and metadata.

Once cable operators follow a consistent format for access network powering data, it will be easy to measure and compare data to expose areas of focus. After an operator begins to collect and monitor power supply data, comparison against utility billing information is possible. This may expose what has been considered duplicated or ghost accounts, see [SCTE 221] for reference of short and long-term benefits. When used in conjunction with [SCTE 212], [SCTE 211] allows operators to translate operational energy management successes into financial results. Furthermore, this standard defines the characteristics of access network planning which the industry can utilize to report power utilization and energy consumption.

Intended Audience
The intended audience for this standard are cable operators who manage access network powering, broadband network assurance, HFC planning design and deployment, network architects and analysts, field operations, energy management, and those responsible for measuring energy performance.