ANSI/SCTE 92 2022

Specification for 5/8-24 Plug, (Male), Trunk and Distribution Connectors

Executive Summary

This specification applies to the 5/8-24 Plug, (Male) Trunk & Distribution Connector interface used to connect to broadband devices, such as mainline taps / passives, power inserters and active devices used in the 75 ohm RF broadband communications industry.


The purpose of this document is to specify the mechanical, environmental and base line electrical performance for the male 5/8 – 24 plug (male) trunk and distribution connector interface when connected to SCTE 91, Specification for 5/8-24 RF & AC Equipment Port, Female.

Unless otherwise noted, all requirements of this document are measured after installation per manufacturer’s instructions.

DOCSIS 4.0 specifications include operation at frequencies up to 1794 MHz and many service providers would like to futureproof their networks for eventual operation up to 3000 MHz. The interface is compatible with current, legacy and extended bandwidth devices. The bandwidth performance is dependent on the type of device to which the connector is attached to. To meet 3000 MHz operation and conformance to SCTE 264, Broadband Radio Frequency Hardline Taps for Cable Systems and SCTE 265, Broadband Radio Frequency Hardline Passives for Cable Systems, a specific pin length is required as shown in Table 1 and Figure 1 dimension “D2”.


This specification is necessary to provide manufacturers and users of this product a basic set of standard mechanical, electrical, and environmental performance requirements to ensure proper mating with varied equipment designs. This specification provides confidence to end users that designs which meet these minimum criteria will perform properly in their systems.

Intended Audience

Manufacturers, test laboratories, and end-users.