ANSI/SCTE 65 2016 (R2021)

Service Information Delivered Out-of-Band for Digital Cable Television

This specification defines SI tables delivered via an out-of-band path to support service selection and navigation by digital cable set-top boxes and other “digital cable-ready” devices. The SI tables defined in this standard are formatted in accordance with the Program Specific Information (PSI) data structures defined in MPEG-2 Systems [1].

The formal definition of “digital cable-ready” has a scope broader than that of the current standard. The formal definition includes requirements related to navigation and service selection, demodulation and decoding, video format decoding, Emergency Alert handling, and other aspects. The current specification supports, primarily, the navigation and service selection function for services delivered in the clear, as well as those subject to conditional access.

This specification does not address the Electronic Program Guide application itself or any user interface which might deal with the presentation and application of the Service Information.