ANSI/SCTE 63 2021

Test Method for Voltage / Spark Test of Outer Jacket

Executive Summary

Both optical and coaxial cables can adversely be affected by the intrusion of moisture into the cable. The purpose of this standard is to characterize, document and define test methods for voltage / spark testing of cable, outer jackets. The application of this test method for cables during the manufacturing process will aide to ensure the outer jacket integrity and performance by detecting flaws within the outer jacket.


This procedure specifies the spark test method to be used in determining if the outer jacket of a coaxial cable will withstand a specified voltage.


SCTE 63 provides cable operators a single reference with regards to voltage / spark testing of cables. Complete outer jacket integrity is critical to exclude moisture from entering the internal components of the cable, and therby degrading the cables life expectancy and performance .

Intended Audience

Cable operator procurement and technical operation teams will benefit from leveraging this standard.