ANSI/SCTE 57 2016 (R2021)

System Information for Satellite Distribution of Digital Television for Cable and MMDS

This document defines a Standard for System Information (SI) compatible with MPEG-2 compliant digital multiplex bitstreams constructed in accordance with ISO/IEC 13818-1 (MPEG-2) and transmitted over satellite for distribution on cable and MMDS. The document defines the standard protocol that carries relevant System Information (SI) tables contained within packets carried in the transport multiplex. The term SI will be used to refer to system-wide information in the Network Packet Identifier (PID).

The reader should note that not all applications use this standard for SI delivery. SI for cable applications have been superseded by SCTE 65 (Reference 9) and ATSC Standard A/65 (Reference 10). Other common standards for this application are written by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) and standardized by ETSI (See references 11 through 14).