ANSI/SCTE 41 2016 (R2021)

POD Copy Protection System

In digital Cable systems, high value movies and video programs (“content”) are protected by a conditional access scrambling system. A properly authorized CableCARD™ Point of Deployment (POD) security module removes the scrambling and, based on the Content Control Information from the Headend, may rescramble the content before delivering it to consumer receivers and set-top terminals (“Host devices”) across the POD-Host interface defined in ANSI/SCTE 28 2007.

This standard defines the characteristics and normative specifications for the system that prevents unrestricted copying of such high value content as it crosses the POD-Host interface.

Content that is delivered unscrambled over Cable systems is not subject to this standard. Indeed, this standard would not provide any protection against unrestricted copying of such content. Any unscrambled content output by the Host on the POD interface will not benefit by scrambling upon its subsequent output from the POD on that same interface.