ANSI/SCTE 35 2020

Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message

This standard, “Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message for Cable” (SCTE 35), is the core signaling standard for advertising, Program and distribution control (e.g., blackouts) of content for content providers and content distributors. SCTE 35 is being applied to QAM/IP, Title VI/TVE (TV Everywhere), and live/time shifted (DVR, VOD, etc.) delivery. SCTE 35 signals can be used to identify advertising Breaks, advertising content, and programming content (e.g., specific Programs and Chapters within a Program).

SCTE 35 complements other Standards to complete the eco-systems. [SCTE 30] is used to support splicing of advertising into live QAM MPEG-2 transport streams. [SCTE 130-3] is used to support alternate content decisions (advertising, blackouts, stream switching) for live and time shifted delivery. [SCTE 214-1] defines how SCTE 35 is carried in MPEG-DASH. [SCTE 224] (ESNI) is used to pass event and policy information from provider or other systems to communicate distribution control instructions.

The recommended practices for SCTE 35 are contained in [SCTE 67] “Recommended Practice for Digital Program Insertion for Cable”.

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