SCTE 273-3 2021

Generic Access Platform Systems Integrator Best Practices

Executive Summary

This document is written in conjunction with the other Generic Access Platform (GAP) specifications and details the requirements placed on systems integrators tasked with performing functions such as design, installation, testing and deployment of a GAP system. Extended interoperability testing and validation is supported through the Systems Integrator role and related SCTE best practices documentation.


This document outlines the roles and responsibilities necessary to ensure interoperability of components installed within the GAP node housing when sourced from multiple vendors or for varied use-cases. It defines roles that may be performed by the operator or delegated to suppliers to ensure compliance with the SCTE GAP specifications and other regulatory requirements and ensure consistent operations of multi-vendor component parts.


The GAP specifications provide interoperability definitions enabling a GAP system, often consisting of multi-vendor components, to be flexibly deployed in the outside plant for dynamic and varied use cases.

Intended Audience

This document is written for operators and suppliers who are designing and deploying systems to comply with the SCTE GAP specifications.