SCTE 270 2021r1

Mathematics of Cable

Executive summary

Mathematical calculations and conversions often are a necessary part of effectively managing cable systems and the technology that makes our networks function. This Operational Practice contains an assortment of cable-related mathematical formulas covering a broad range of topics. Most formulas are accompanied by a summary of the formula and its application, and one or more examples utilizing the formula. Readers should find this Operational Practice a wealth of practical information.


This Operational Practice includes a wide variety of cable-related mathematical formulas and examples of how to use them, as well as references to additional information, such as derivations and theory, for those who would like to learn more.


The formulas and examples in this Operational Practice are intended to serve as a handy reference and teaching tool for the cable industry.

Intended audience

This Operational Practice is intended for cable system technical personnel such as installers, service and maintenance technicians, engineers, and others who have an interest in mathematical formulas for use in the cable industry.