ANSI/SCTE 265 2021

Broadband Radio Frequency Hardline Passives for Cable Systems

Executive Summary

The purpose of this document is to identify common characteristics of hardline passives used in hardline broadband HFC Plant networks.


The purpose of this document is to recommend mechanical, environmental and electrical standards hardline passives. This specification addresses passives capable of at least 1794 MHz with a housing capable of 3000 MHz.

Products covered by this specification include hardline splitters, directional couplers, equalizers and power inserters. Hardline passives pass RF and AC to some or all of the ports.

A hardline splitter divides an input RF signal to 2 or 3 outputs.

A hardline directional coupler divides an input RF signal to two outputs with a fixed division ratio.

A hardline equalizer provides RF tilt compensation.

A hardline power inserter combines the AC output of a power supply to the RF network.

The devices are intended for an outdoor rated environment.

The standard is not intended to apply to specialty devices, nor is it intended to limit or restrict any manufacturer’s innovation and improvement.


Hardline passive devices are an integral component of a broadband network that provides a uniform method of interconnecting on hardline.

Intended Audience

This document is intended as a technical guide for the minimum device requirements for proper operation on hardline plant network.