SCTE 254 2019 (R2024)

Content Encoding Profiles 3.0 Specification (Closed Specification)

This document originated as a CableLabs specification (10/26/16) and then transferred over to SCTE to be retained as a closed SCTE specification. Only version 3.0 of the CableLabs Content Encoding Profiles document is retained for these purposes.

This specification defines the video, audio, and related encoding parameters for both Standard and High-Definition content for distribution to cable television systems. Encoding parameters defined by this specification can be applied to different content types, including broadcast programming, which may be switched digital video (SDV), VOD content, and advertising content to be inserted into broadcast or VOD content. Broadcast programming is encoded in streams with no finite length and is not formatted as files. Individual VOD programs or ads of finite length are encoded and formatted as files or byte streams for storage on video servers or other headend equipment.

The encoding parameters described in this document are not constraints on the streams delivered by cable systems to a home or business. The streams delivered to a home or business are generally more complex: they may not be finite in length, they are often multiplexes of multiple feeds, and they may include dynamic transitions from program to program.