ANSI/SCTE 24-6 2016 (R2022)

IPCablecom 1.0 Part 6: IPCablecom Management Information Base (MIB) Framework

This standard describes the framework in which IPCablecom MIB (Management Information Base) modules are described. It provides information on the management requirements of IPCablecom compliant devices and functions and how these requirements are supported in the MIB modules. It is intended to support and complement the actual MIB module documents, which are issued separately.

This document addresses some aspects of the voice communications capabilities of an IPCablecom network. The legal/regulatory classification of IP-based voice communications provided over cable networks and otherwise, and the legal/regulatory obligations, if any, borne by providers of such voice communications, are not yet fully defined by appropriate legal and regulatory authorities. Nothing in this specification is addressed to, or intended to affect, those issues. In particular, while this document uses standard terms such as "call," "call signaling," "telephony," etc., it will be evident from this document that while a Packet-Cable network performs activities analogous to these PSTN functions, the manner by which it does so differs considerably from the manner in which they are performed in the PSTN by telecommunications carriers