ANSI/SCTE 24-4 2016 (R2022)

IPCablecom 1.0 Part 4: Dynamic Quality of Service for the Provision of Real-Time Services over Cable Television Networks Using Data Modems

This standard describes a dynamic Quality-of-Service (QoS) mechanism for the IPCablecom project. It was issued to facilitate design and field-testing leading to the manufacture and interoperability of conforming hardware and software by multiple vendors.

IPCablecom is a set of protocols developed to deliver Quality of Service enhanced communications services using packetized data transmission technology to a consumer’s home over the cable network. IPCablecom utilizes a network superstructure that overlays the two-way data-ready cable television network. While the initial service offerings in the IPCablecom product line are anticipated to be Packet Voice and Packet Video, the long-term project vision encompasses a large family of packet-based services.