ANSI/SCTE 24-10 2016 (R2022)

IPCablecom 1.0 Part 10: Security Specification

The scope of this document is to define the IPCablecom Security architecture, protocols, algorithms, associated functional requirements and any technological requirements that can provide for the security of the system for the IPCablecom network. Authentication, access control, signaling and media content integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation security services must be provided as defined herein for each of the network element interfaces.

IPCablecom security spans the entire IPCablecom architecture. The IPCablecom Architecture Technical Report [1] defines the overall IPCablecom architecture, as well as the system elements, interfaces, and functional requirements for the entire IPCablecom network.

From time to time this document refers to the voice communications capabilities of an IPCablecom network in terms of "IP Telephony." The legal/regulatory classification of IP-based voice communications provided over cable networks and otherwise, and the legal/regulatory obligations, if any, borne by providers of such voice communications, are not yet fully defined by appropriate legal and regulatory authorities. Nothing in this specification is addressed to, or intended to affect, those issues.