ANSI/SCTE 215-1-1 2020b

HEVC Video Constraints for Cable Television Part 1-1 HDR10 Coding

This document in combination with SCTE 215-1 specifies the creation of an HDR10 HEVC coded video elementary stream and is intended for cable video services applications such as broadcast, time-shifting (e.g., PVR/DVR service), Video-on-Demand services, and splicing (e.g., Ad-insertion) that could employ the specifications in this document. However, constraints specific to those applications are outside of the scope of this document.

Dynamic metadata applications can be used to adapt HDR imagery to a multiplicity of displays that have different characteristics than the underlying content.

The means to carry SCTE dynamic metadata Application #1 (DM App #1) and Application #4 (DM App #4) in an HEVC bitstream is described in Section 7 and in Appendices A and B. SCTE DM Apps describe parametric data sets to be used to adapt the imagery for viewers’ displays and environment.