ANSI/SCTE 214-2 2016

MPEG DASH for IP-Based Cable Services Part 2: DASH/TS Profile

This standard is part of a suite documenting use of MPEG DASH in cable networks.

This document is not a standalone standard – the complete DASH/TS profile is a combination of this document and SCTE 214-1. The latter document defines restrictions on the MPD that are container-independent, applying to both MPEG-2 TS and ISO-BMFF segments.

This document defines DASH/TS – a profile of MPEG DASH which uses MPEG-2 TS segments. In addition, this profile integrates elements of SCTE specifications, on which define media formats and digital program insertion. This profile is based on of the philosophy of DASH MPEG-2 TS Simple Profile and is similar in its approach to the Common ISO-BMFF Profile.

In addition to the features specified in ISO 23009-1 for the MPEG-2 TS Simple Profile, the following features are specified for use in the DASH/TS profile:

  • Features added in 2nd edition of MPEG DASH, in particular events (sec. 5.10);
  • XLink (which was excluded from Simple and Main MPEG-2 TS profiles in ISO/IEC 23009-1)

Several additional restrictions were added in this document and in SCTE 214-1 in order to simplify implementations and make seamless switching realistically attainable.