SCTE 205 2022

Outside Plant Power Recommended Preventive Maintenance Procedure

Executive Summary

This document is intended to deliver the information needed for a cable operator to properly maintain outside plant powering systems including the power supply, batteries, cable assemblies, and management and monitoring devices, while also providing a template to deliver comprehensive maintenance information back to management. With new cable network architectures such as distributed access architectures (DAA), outside plant powering becomes even more critical, because the slightest power interruption can cause an extended customer affecting outage.


The intent of this document is to serve as a reference for cable technical personnel on how to do a proper preventive maintenance visit on outside plant cable power systems. As reliability expectations increase, the powering sub-systems of today’s cable networks must be depended on for near-perfect operation. The procedures in this document will help guide the reader through proper maintenance guidelines for power systems, including power supplies, batteries, transponders and enclosures, resulting in optimal system performance and reducing outages and unnecessary truck rolls.