ANSI/SCTE 200 2022

Specification for a 75 ohm 'MMCX' Connector (MMCX-75), Male & Female Interface

Executive Summary

This specification provides electrical and mechanical requirements for a 75 ohm MMCX connector interface primarily used in headends and hubsites in the broadband industry.


The purpose of this document is to specify requirements for the male/female interface of a 75 ohm, 3 GHz rated connector series generically known as MMCX-75. This is an indoor connector with applications in controlled environments such as headends and hubsites where high density platform chassis are used. MMCX-75 connectors are not intended to be mated with 50 ohm MMCX design counterparts.

All requirements of this document are measured after installation per manufacturer’s instructions of the cable into the connector.

This document will address only the interface, not the connector body, the cable requirements, and the connector attachment to the cable or PC board. Mechanical, electrical and environmental performance is defined to ensure a reliable connection for permanent installations, as well as temporary adapters and calibration standards.


This specification defines the required dimensions and performance for a 75 ohm MMCX connector interface. Such definition ensures that different manufacturer 75 ohm MMCX male plugs and female sockets can be used in broadband network hardware with acceptable interface performance.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for use as a specification for manufacturers, test laboratories and network engineers in the broadband industry.