ANSI/SCTE 186 2021

Product Physical, Environmental, Electrical, Sustainability, and Quality Requirements for Cable Telecommunications

Executive Summary

This specification provides physical, environmental, electrical, and sustainability requirements for equipment deployed in mission critical cable system headends, hub sites and data centers.


This specification defines product physical, environmental, electrical, and sustainability requirements during transportation, storage, operation, and disposal. The specification is limited to indoor shelf, frame, rack, and cabinet level mission critical cable systems equipment. Facilities for which this specification generally applies are network data centers and cable headends. This specification also applies to unmanned or remotely monitored distribution hubs where hub location, construction, and HVAC capabilities can result in less tightly controlled ambient operating climates and longer duration environmental stresses. The specification does not address requirements for outside cable plant equipment. Example equipment includes CMTSs, receivers, modulators, video encoders, multimedia gateways, servers, routers, switches, network equipment, network storage units, edge routers, add-drop multiplexors and edge QAMs. Uninterruptable Power Supplies are not in scope for this document.


SCTE 186 provides cable operators a single reference point that defines energy savings and sustainability requirements for inside plant cable equipment. This standard provides cable operators means to implement and require more energy and environmentally friendly equipment. Cable operators should see financial operating energy savings as a result of implementing SCTE 186.

Intended Audience

Cable operator procurement and equipment engineering teams and inside plant equipment manufacturers will benefit from leveraging this standard.