SCTE 172 2024

Constraints On AVC and HEVC Structured Video Coding for Digital Program Insertion

This document defines additional video coding and transport constraints on ANSI/SCTE 128 (which constrains ITU-T H.264/ ISO/IEC 14496-10 (“AVC”) video compression) or on ANSI/SCTE 215 (which constrains ITU-T H.265/ISO/IEC 23008-2 (“HEVC”) video compression) for Digital Program Insertion applications using SCTE 35 messaging. AVC and HEVC video uses a network abstraction layer structure to carry video and in this document “NAL structured video” will collectively refer to both AVC and HEVC Video.

Note: This standard applies only when both the insertion content and the network both use AVC video coding or both use HEVC video coding.