ANSI/SCTE 168-7 2017 (R2021)

Recommended Practice for Transport Stream Verification in an IP Transport Network

This Recommended Practice is to give guidance about detecting errors in the IP Transport network used for the delivery of media services including Video and Audio streams of data with the associated control information to provide MPEG transport through an IP network. The IP Transport Layer operates in conjunction with other Application and Physical component layers that could also generate network impairments, this document will focus on the effect these impairments have on the detection of the cause of problems in the delivery of media services. Common IP network events and failures are characterized with their impact on the MPEG transport stream in a functioning system. Every network layout is different and presents unique configuration challenges; this document does not provide guidance on configuration of the network but does provide background information on the individual components of the IP network as well how the IP transport network operates in a multimedia network.