ANSI/SCTE 165-3 2016 (R2021)

IPCablecom 1.5 Part 3: Network-Based Call Signaling Protocol

This specification describes a profile of the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) for IPCablecom embedded clients, which we will refer to as the IPCablecom Network-based Call Signaling (NCS) protocol. MGCP is a call signaling protocol for use in a centralized call control architecture, and assumes relatively simple client devices. The call signaling protocol is one layer of the overall IPCablecom suite of specifications and relies upon companion protocol specifications to provide complete end-to-end IPCablecom functionality. The scope of NCS is currently only embedded Voice-Over-IP client devices in an IPCablecom environment and the NCS profile has therefore simplified and in some cases modified the base MGCP 1.0 protocol accordingly. Support for video will be added in a later version of this document.