ANSI/SCTE 165-17 2019

IPCablecom 1.5 Part 17: Audio Server Protocol

This specification describes the architecture and protocols that are required for playing announcements in voice-over-IP (VoIP) IPCablecom networks, and is issued to facilitate design and field-testing leading to the manufacture and interoperability of conforming hardware and software by multiple vendors. The will be referred to as the IPCablecom Audio Server Specification.

Announcements are typically needed for calls that do not complete. Additionally, they may be used to provide enhanced information services to the caller (e.g., calling card, N11 services). Different carrier service feature sets require different announcement sets and announcement formats.

Announcements can be as basic as fixed-content announcements (e.g., all circuits busy) or as complex as those provided by intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. The IPCablecom service model requires that all announcements be provisioned and signaled in a standard manner for all supported call features and use case scenarios.