ANSI/SCTE 165-16 2022

IPCablecom 1.5 Part 16: Management Event Mechanism

Executive Summary

The present document provides the SCTE endorsement of CableLabs specification: PKT-SP-MEM1.5-C01-191120.


This specification is one of two documents that together define a framework for reporting Management Events in the PacketCable architecture.

This specification defines the general event reporting mechanism and framework. The mechanism consists of a set of protocols and interfaces that can be used by individual elements and components in the PacketCable architecture. This document defines how the SNMPv3 transport protocol, SYSLOG, local log, and the PacketCable Management Event MIB are used to carry management event information to an event management system.

This management event mechanism is further defined and supported by the Management Event Mechanism MIB as specified in [1], and [13] if the latter is implemented by the MTA. Consequently, each reference to the Management Event MIB in this document will correspond to the MIB as defined either in [1], or alternatively, in [1] and [13].