ANSI/SCTE 165-01 2019

IPCablecom 1.5 Part 1: Architecture Framework Technical Report

IPCablecom is a project conducted by Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs®) and its member companies. The IPCablecom project defines interface specifications that can be used to develop interoperable equipment capable of providing packet-based voice, video and other high-speed multimedia services over hybrid fiber coax (HFC) cable systems utilizing the DOCSIS® protocol. Any reference to DOCSIS in this document is understood to be DOCSIS version 1.1 or later.

IPCablecom defines a communication services architecture that overlays the two-way data-ready broadband cable access network. Within the overall IPCablecom framework, IPCablecom version 1.5, which is the subject of this Technical Report, is designed to provide digital voice and telephony services.

The objective of this IPCablecom Architecture Technical Report is to provide a high-level reference framework that identifies the functional components and defines the interfaces necessary to implement the capabilities detailed in the individual IPCablecom 1.5 specifications as listed in Section 6.3.